I am a Ph.D. Candidate in the Political Science Department at Florida State. I study American Politics & Public Policy. My research interests include voting, elections, interest groups, & direct democracy.


My dissertation examines the determinants & consequences of state imposed restrictions on the initiative process. The project addresses three specific questions. First, why do certain states opt to restrict interest group use of the initiative process more than others? Second, how do these election laws, once imposed, shape the ability of interest groups to successfully use the initiative process? And third, how does interest group involvement in initiative sponsorship shape voter behavior on Election Day?


I am engaged in a collaborative project with William Berry (FSU), Charles Barrilleaux (FSU), Lanny Martin (Rice), and Belinda Davis (LSU) that explores an alternative measure of state electoral competition created from a new dataset of historical state legislative election outcomes. I have also co-developed an on-going research program on candidate position-taking in elections with John Ryan (FSU), Elizabeth Simas (Houston), & Yanna Krupnikov (Northwestern). For this program, we have constructed several novel datasets that catalogue the issue content of candidate campaign websites as well as the district-level media coverage of these campaigns.


About Me

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Kerri Milita

 Ph.D. Candidate

 Florida State University 


 My CV is available here.


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